State Lawmakers Approve Drive High–DUI Law

May 29th @ 12:27 pm in News by Scott Staley


(Montrose, CO)

A controversial measure to set the THC blood limit for Colorado drivers—a plan that has failed six times previously in the state legislature—passed on Tuesday in the Senate and was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on Tuesday.

State Senators passed House bill 1325 on a 24-11 vote.  Hickenlooper has stated that he supports a marijuana DUI plan for the Rocky Mountain state.

Under terms of the new law, motorists caught with 5 nanograms of THC in their system would be considered too high to drive and could be ticketed and arrested like someone driving impaired by alcohol.

The bill that was introduced last week and ultimately passed was identical to a previous version that was shot down by the Senate earlier this year.

Opponents have argued stringently against the 5 nanograms standard, saying that medical marijuana patients frequently have level in their system and would be rendered unable to drive under terms of the law.

A provision of H.B. 1325 allows motorists arrested for alleged marijuana DUI to argue that they were not too impaired to drive and rebut the charges.