Montrose County Commissioners Poised to Back Sheriff’s Opposition on Gun Safety Laws

Jun 3rd @ 1:04 pm in News by Scott Staley


(Montrose, CO)

54 of Colorado’s 64 Sheriff’s have joined a lawsuit opposing the state’s new gun restriction laws and Montrose County Sheriff Rick Dunlap is one of them.  The Sheriffs believe the new restrictions violate the 2nd Amendment and the Montrose County Board of Commissioners met on Monday to consider a Resolution from County Manager Rick Eckert supporting the Sheriff’s action opposing the Governor’s position on gun laws.  Specifically, two laws set to take effect next month.

The new gun safety legislation limits the size of ammunition magazines to 15-rounds and expands background checks to include online purchases and guns bought from private dealers. 

While the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police supported the bills, Montrose Police Chief Tom Chinn says he did not and that he agrees with the Sheriff “100-percent.”