Brightleaf May be One of Montrose’s Brightest Businesses

Jun 4th @ 12:11 pm in News by Scott Staley


(Montrose, CO)

The British Consul General stationed in Denver was busy touring innovative businesses and manufacturers on the Western Slope this week and it’s no surprise that she toured Montrose based Brightleaf Power.  The solar power specialists work with cutting edge technology that is leaps and bounds beyond the old flat solar panel systems that were expensive to install and captured only a small portion of the sun’s potential.  Brightleaf spokesperson Gary Bustin says new technology now allows the solar power systems to essentially follow the path of the sun during the course of the day, maximizing the power they retain from the sun much more effectively than the old panels.

Bustin says that the Montrose based alternative energy company is one of the few solar power companies that cogenerate electricity and geothermal energy by concentrating the solar power collected.