Montrose to Widen East Oak Grove Road

Jun 4th @ 12:02 pm in News by Scott Staley

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(Montrose, CO)

The Montrose City Council is considering work to widen East Oak Grove Road east of South Townsend Avenue to the Bridges subdivision.  Assistant City Planner Jennifer Spinelli states that a number of traffic hazards currently exist due to the inconsistent width of the roadway—the street is 30 to 50-feet wide along one stretch, and then becomes 80-feet wide after the subdivision.  But to widen the road the city will need to gain right of way from roughly 11-parcels east of South Townsend to Bear Lake Road.  In order to acquire the right of ways the city has to contract with a firm that specializes in that, and since that will cost more than $20-thousand, triggering the requirement that the job be put out for bid.

Accordingly, city staff put out an RFP (Request for Proposals), and three bids were gleaned ranging in cost from $53-thousand plus to over $179-thousand.  City staff is recommending the firm that came in with the lowest bid of $53,570, Universal Field Services Incorporated be awarded the project.  Staff hope to have acquired all the necessary right of way by the end of this year and begin construction on the project as early as spring, 2014.