City Council Outlaws Retail Sales of Marijuana in Montrose

Jun 5th @ 10:05 am in News by Scott Staley


(Montrose, CO)

The Montrose City Council has voted unanimously to prohibit the retail sales of marijuana and marijuana related products within city limits.  Opponents of the prohibition speaking in favor of allowing retail sales actually outnumbered supporters of the Council’s prohibition Ordinance two to one, but there were only three members of the public in total who addressed the Council on the controversial topic.  The lone supporter of the Council’s Ordinance to speak in favor of it owns and operates a drug testing business in the area.

City Attorney Stephen Alcorn says the Ordinance will prohibit the retail sales of marijuana, products related to consuming marijuana, and the commercial cultivation of the plant, but not cultivation for personal use itself or consumption.

Alcorn adds that the city can always repeal the Ordinance in the future after civic leaders have a chance to observe how the new law unfolds in other municipalities throughout the state.  Alcorn told the Council potential revenue gleaned from the state mandated tax on the herb would include 15-percent of the 10-percent tax in addition to local retail sales tax revenue.