Oh Deer–Leave the Fawns Where they Lie!

Jun 7th @ 9:11 am in News by Scott Staley


(Montrose, CO)

Fawning over fawns can lead to deer death.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Joe Lewandowski says wildlife officials have received numerous reports of residents coming upon a fawn alone in the woods and removing the fawn, erroneously believing that the baby has been abandoned by its mother.  That is a death sentence for the fawn.  Lewandowski says mother deer will leave their young temporarily while foraging and replenishing themselves so they can nurse offspring.

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And it’s not just baby deer that should be left alone when discovered in the woods.  Baby birds may fall out of nest while learning to fly.  Lewandowski says baby birds should be left alone unless found in the middle of a trail, in which case they should be gently placed beside the trail.  Handling any wildlife while outdoor recreating, however well intentioned, often leads to the animal’s demise, and Lewandowski says the best thing wildlife lovers can do is simply give wild animals some space and enjoy it without interfering with nature.