Wildlife Officers Euthanize Cow Moose & Calf After Conflict

Jun 17th @ 9:25 am in News by Scott Staley


(Grand Lake, CO)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife personnel were forced to euthanize a cow moose and her calf after the momma moose charged and injured a 60-year old woman in a rural-residential area southwest of Grand Lake on Tuesday.  Grand Lake resident Sue Rogers insisted on walking her dog near the wild animals, even after being warned not to by a neighbor.  Rogers got within 10-feet of the mother and baby moose and then began walking away.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Mike Forest says Rogers was 6o to 70-feet away from the moose when it charged her, causing some abrasions to Roger’s head.

Forest says that it was only after serious deliberations that wildlife officers made the call to euthanize both the mother moose and calf.  Late spring is calving season and Forest says there have been a number of moose sightings in Colorado this year.  Outdoor recreationists are cautioned to give wildlife a wide berth on the trail and to never approach and wild animals.