Virginia Man rides 3,000 Miles Cross-Country to Raise Awareness for Pediatric Cancer

Jun 27th @ 5:40 pm in News by katymitchel


Navid Attayan is a dedicated, driven young man with a cause who started ProJeKT 3000.  Navid is spearheading a 3,000 mile bike trip across the U.S. to raise awareness for Neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer that affects mostly children under the age of 5. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive cancer that affects the pre-nerve cells, called neuroblasts, during the development of a child. In a healthy child, neuroblasts differentiate into functional nerve cells, but fail to differentiate in children affected by Neuroblastoma; thus hindering the development of the child. These neuroblasts continue to multiply over and over again, eventually spreading throughout the body; leaving us one step behind of what our current treatments can provide. This is why it is critical, it is crucial that we continue research to develop and discover new treatments, new methods, and new detection strategies that will enhance the lives of the children impacted by this disease.   This project is about taking on a challenge to make a difference and to help provide the gift of childhood through an awareness campaign by biking across the U.S. from Harrisonburg, VA to San Diego, CA. The goal of the project is to raise a minimum of $15,000 for the cause, all while raising awareness for pediatric cancer, specifically Neuroblastoma.  Navid recently stopped by Cherry Creek Radio’s offices to talk with Katy Mitchel about his journey, his hopes for raising awareness and the events that led up to his trip.  Make sure you like ProJeKT 3000 on Facebook for more information on donating and to keep up with Navid’s progress.

Listen to the entire interview here!

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