Lost Cyclist Reunited With Family in Telluride Via GPS

Jul 10th @ 10:35 am in News by Scott Staley


(Telluride, CO)

When in doubt GPS your way out.  The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Department assisted a lost mountain biker riding from Telluride to Blue Lake on Friday.  A Sheriff’s spokesperson says the teen cyclist was riding in Bridal Vail basin when he decided to veer off into Bear Creek along the La Junta Basin trail.  With sunset and darkness approaching the cyclist lost the trail.  Not planning to be out after dark he wasn’t carrying a flashlight.  The teen called his parents who in turn called the Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue.  Deputies instructed the lost teen to use his cell phone to send out his location via GPS.  The teen was equipped with a jacket, food and water, and was told to stay put until the morning when the Search and Rescue team could reach him.

SAR team members set out at sunrise but when they arrived at the location logged by the teen’s cell phone’s GPS he was nowhere to be found.  After doing some more checking searchers learned that the teen had found a “creative” way to ride down the mountain and deputies met him at the bottom.  The young man was not injured, in good spirits, and reunited with his family in Telluride.