Price at Pump Almost Identical to 1-Year Ago

Jul 22nd @ 10:21 am in News by Scott Staley


(Montrose, CO)

The price at the pump is holding steady along the Western Slope—tank you very much.  Triple-A of Colorado reports that the statewide average cost of regular-unleaded, $3.56, is a full 11-cents a gallon less than the national average, $3.67.  The average price of petrol in the Rocky Mountain State today is within a penny of what it was 1-year ago on this date.


Vail is one of the costliest places in Colorado to fill up where regular-unleaded averages $3.94; Pueblo is one of the least expensive places to get your vehicle pumped at $3.46 for every gallon.


The costliest state in the country for motorists to top off tanks is Hawaii at $4.36, and the least expensive state in which to purchase gas is South Carolina at $3.33.