Restaurant Owner Appeals to Montrose City Council

Aug 6th @ 10:09 am in News by Scott Staley

Montrose City Sign

(Montrose, CO)

If at first you don’t succeed, appeal to the City Council.  Fiesta Guadalajara Restaurant owners are appealing a recent denial of a request for a variance by the city’s Planning Commission.  The Ogden Road eatery was formerly known as Smugglers Brewpub.  It was purchased by new owners and converted to Fiesta Guadalajara last year.  Under Smugglers ownership, the existing sign was put in place according to the previous sign regulations. The sign is 40 feet high with an ellipse-shaped sign-face, measuring 127.58 square feet. The City’s current sign code states that signs permitted under the previous code are allowed to remain in place until a change is made to the sign. Once a change is made, the sign must be brought into compliance with the city’s current sign code.  The applicant is asking the city to allow the restaurant operators to leave the old sign in place with the new face and name change intact.

Applicant Derick Draper says the extra height for the sign is needed because the restaurant is located two blocks from Townsend and visibility is important.  Draper says that it would also cost thousands of dollars to modify the old sign to be in compliance with current land use code.