Black Bears Out Foraging in Advance of Winter

Aug 14th @ 10:10 am in News by Scott Staley

Black Bears

(Telluride, CO)

Colorado’s black bear population is foraging in force trying to fatten up in advance of winter’s hibernation.  On Monday San Miguel County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to check out a dumpster-diving adult bear at Hillside Subdivision in Telluride.  When deputies arrived the bear was still pawing through the trash and the officers were able to successfully scare off the bear.

Durango based Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Joe Lewendowski says the state’s Black Bears are out foraging now, attempting to put enough weight on to survive winter.  Bears are opportunistic animals with a better sense of smell than vision.  Bears will follow their nose to food sources so not leaving out trash, pet food, bird feeders and other bear attractants is the best hedge against bear-human conflicts on the Western Slope.