Blood Donations To End at MMH
Posted by <> on 10/20/2016 2:21:00 PM.
For more than five decades Montrose Memorial has utilized volunteer blood donors to assist our patients with immediate blood transfusion needs and these donations have assisted in saving thousands of lives. Steve Hannah, MHA, CEO said, “We recognize the gift these donors give and thank them for their generous and lifesaving contributions. Without the willingness of over 850 blood donors, our community could not have supported our local blood bank for the past 50 years.”
Over time, physician care related to blood transfusions has changed and in many situations patients recover faster and have fewer complications when the amount of blood they receive is reduced. By following nationwide best practices, our facility has been able to significantly reduce the amount of overall transfusions and have improved patient outcomes. “This, along with the complications associated with Zika virus testing implementation, have forced us to make the difficult decision to discontinue blood donations at Montrose Memorial Hospital,” said Dr. Michael Benziger, MMH Laboratory Medical Director. “November 17, 2016 will be the last day we will collect blood donations at MMH.”
MMH will work with St. Mary’s Hospital to supply the blood needs for our patients. St. Mary’s recognizes the valuable resource we have in our donors in Montrose and have committed to continue to provide opportunities locally to donate blood by having scheduled collection dates here in Montrose.
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