Two MDs Honored at Fall Clinic
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At Montrose Memorial Hospital’s 45th annual Fall Clinics event on Friday September 23, two individuals were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the community.
The Fall Clinics Physician of the Year award went to Dr. David Dreitlein. A Board-Certified physician specializing in Emergency Medicine at Montrose Memorial Hospital, Dr. Dreitlein was recognized by the Fall Clinics committee based on a number of criteria, including innovative care, continuing education, ongoing contributions to quality medical care, and more.
Dr. Dreitlein provides leadership for many important positions inside and out of the hospital. Dr. Dreitlein was recognized for his work with the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council, CareFlight medical services, Maslow Academy, Emergency Services Medical Director, and is past chief of staff at MMH. His leadership is instrumental in ensuring the excellent quality of care in the region’s emergency medicine.
The Community Service Award is determined by criteria including board membership and outstanding service to the community and the hospital. This acknowledgment was given to Montrose County Coroner Dr. Thomas Canfield. A decorated military veteran, Dr. Canfield is working with the community to decrease unnecessary deaths in the region involving suicide, heroine addition and crashes on Highway 550 South. Additionally, he has spent countless hours of response time and guidance on behalf of families of the deceased. This award generally goes to non-physicians, however the committee felt Dr. Canfield was particularly well-suited for this year’s recognition. Dr. Canfield has previously received the Fall Clinics Physician of the Year distinction.
“We’re grateful for the leadership of Drs. Dreitlein and Canfield to our hospital and to our region,” said Steve Hannah, MHA, CEO of Montrose Memorial Hospital. “Our community is made stronger by their hard work and we are proud of their achievements.”
The Fall Clinics event recorded over 140 in attendance with speakers from around the state discussing current medical topics, including “Optimizing Care of Older Adults,” “Reversing Chronic Illness,” “Differentiating Between Bipolar Disorder and Personality Disorders” and more.
In prior remarks, Mr. Hannah noted Fall Clinic’s importance in helping the hospital lead and advance medical care in the region. Montrose Memorial Hospital serves Montrose, San Miguel, Ouray, Gunnison, Delta, Hinsdale and San Juan counties.
About Montrose Memorial Hospital (
Montrose Memorial Hospital is a 501(c)3 nonprofit healthcare system serving Montrose, San Miguel, Ouray, Gunnison, Delta, Hinsdale and San Juan counties. The health system offers a 75-bed hospital and an extensive range of inpatient & outpatient health care services, including cardiology, oncology, minimally invasive surgery, laboratory, medical imaging/radiology, Mountain View Therapy, Level III Trauma Center and the family birthing center. The health system partners with regional providers on joint ventures to meet local healthcare needs, including CareFlight air ambulance service, San Juan Cancer Center and Black Canyon Surgical Center. Montrose Memorial is the second-largest employer in Montrose County, with more than 600 employees and 100 physicians who represent 23 medical specialties. The hospital has received patient satisfaction ratings exceeding 90% since 2010.
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