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Health Fair Early Blood Draws – Leann Tobin (audio)

Jan 17th @ 9:26 am


Robyn Sherer – Farm Bureau (audio)

Jan 17th @ 8:13 am


Montrose County Sheriffs Posse – Paul Gotlieb n Mark Rackay (audio)

Jan 17th @ 8:04 am


Scott Shine, Montrose DDA (audio)

Jan 17th @ 7:56 am


What Fiscal Cliff?

Nov 26th @ 1:24 pm

What fiscal cliff? Stock prices rose last week to their best weekly gain in five months as investors cheered the start of the holiday shopping season, encouraging economic data from Germany and China, improved housing data, and confidence from President Obama and Congressional leaders that the fiscal cliff will be avoided. Is this the beginning [...]

Montrose HS Seniors Discuss Yearbook on KUBC ((audio))

Nov 20th @ 9:27 am

KUBC had a couple of Montrose High School Seniors on the air yesterday, discussing the yearbook class.  Katie Burnett and Shae Petersen talk about their classes, deadlines and other topics relating to putting together an award-winning yearbook.  MHS YEARBOOK INTERVIEW 11-19-12

Twinkies and other Risk Management

Nov 19th @ 1:36 pm

The announcement last week that Hostess Brands, the maker of iconic treats such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs, was going out of business highlights the need for investors to have a solid risk management strategy. As you contemplate making an investment, here are three things important to know: The rationale for the investment and the [...]

Lasting Lessons from October 1987

Oct 22nd @ 11:07 am

October 22, 2012 Twenty-five years later, are there any lasting lessons from the October 1987 stock market crash? You may recall that on October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 22.6 percent. This drop was far steeper than the 12.8 percent decline on October 28, 1929, the day many consider the start of [...]

Indicators just hit Five-Year Extreme Levels

Oct 15th @ 2:57 pm

October 15, 2012 Two widely watched indicators just hit five-year extreme levels – and that’s a positive for the economy. Consumer sentiment hit a five-year high in the preliminary October reading, as measured by the University of Michigan-Thomson Reuters sentiment gauge. This gauge “covers how consumers view their personal finances as well as business and [...]

Encouraging, but still lackluster – Market Commentary

Oct 8th @ 5:33 am

That’s how one analyst described the September jobs report released last Friday by the Labor Department. On the encouraging side, the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level since January 2009 and the previous two month’s reports were revised upward to show 86,000 more jobs were created than originally reported. On the lackluster side, “At [...]

I am the Federal Reserve, hear me roar.

Sep 18th @ 8:55 am

I am the Federal Reserve, hear me roar. Printing dollars in numbers too big to ignore. With an apology to Helen Reddy for paraphrasing her early 1970’s anthem, the Federal Reserve dropped a bombshell on the markets last week, and the reverberation may endure for years to come. In an eagerly awaited announcement, the Fed [...]

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple

Aug 6th @ 6:30 am

Despite disappointment that central banks in the U.S. and Europe offered no new stimulus programs last week, the U.S. stock market rose for the fourth straight week – thanks to one piece of government news, according to Bloomberg. This particular piece of news is released on the first Friday of each month and investors eagerly [...]

U.S. Economy Faces Two Main Risks

Jul 23rd @ 2:10 pm

The man with his finger on the pulse says the U.S. economy faces two main risks. We have no control over one of those risks and the other, well, we do have some control, but whether our politicians will appropriately exercise that control is a big question. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke faced Congress last [...]

Margaret Thatcher Had It Right

Jun 25th @ 12:37 pm

June 25, 2012 While nobody knows what the future holds, one powerful person came pretty close to accurately predicting the problems Europe is having with the euro – a full 17 years before the current crisis began in 2010. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher strongly resisted having Britain join the single currency and, instead, [...]

Guest Commentary – Weekly Market Update

Apr 9th @ 6:20 am

When in doubt, blame it on the weather. It’s human nature to want to ascribe a reason to everything that happens in the world. Rather than feeling like it’s all random, we always want to know why the market went up or why bats hang upside down or why white is the most popular car [...]