Air Traffic in Montrose Thursday
Posted by <> on 4/19/2017 10:14:00 AM.
An Air Force training exercise will occur at Montrose Airport tomorrow (4-20). You may see C-17s cargo aircraft executing practice approaches and landings. These planes are from Nellis Air Force Base in NV.
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Montose Airport Serves Record Number of Travelers
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Montrose airport passed a passenger milestone of just over 100,000 passengers both coming and going in 2015. That’s up from nearly 87,000 departing and arriving in 2014.Telluride Airport stopped serving comercial air travel just over a year ago.
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Montrose Regional Airport Operations Unaffected by Small Fire
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In the early morning hours of September 9th, a small fire occurred in the kitchen of a restaurant located within the main terminal at Montrose Regional Airport. The kitchen was unoccupied at the time. An automated sprinkler system suppressed the fire. County Officials say,
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Commissioners Approve Ground Lease
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Montrose Commissioners approved a ground lease with MTJ FBO partners at the Montrose Airport. MTJ FBO partners is comprised of fixed based operator Majestic Skies and Telluride Venture partners. The ground lease is for just over 125,000 square feet of airport property and according to the commissioners, it will mean just over 6,200 dollars in annual revenue.
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Local Road Conditions

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Dallas Divide (LV)

Dallas Divide

US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron (LV)

US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron

Grand Mesa - Highway 65

CO-118 (LV)



Mesa County Line Highway 50

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