Victory for Ag in Delta County
Posted by <> on 6/1/2017 3:30:00 PM.
The Hostetler Chicken farm near Hotchkiss won their court case against a next door neighbor. The plaintiff Susan Raymond sued to shut down the farm near Powell Mesa claiming she suffered health issues due to the facility. reports, a six-person jury handed down concurrent verdicts of ‘no’ to the claim of trespass against the owner of the egg-laying facility Edwin Hostetler and ‘no’ to the claim of trespass against his corporation.
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Drug Bust in Delta
Posted by <> on 5/23/2017 1:15:00 PM.
On May 18, 2017 officers of the Delta Police Department, with the assistance of deputies from the Delta County Sheriff’s Office and Montrose County Sheriff’s Office, conducted a search warrant at 960 Crawford Avenue in the City of Delta. The purpose of the warrant related to drugs, drug use and possession; drug manufacturing and distribution, firearms, cell phones and any other items which may be illegal, stolen or otherwise implicating in criminal activity. Four people were arrested as a result of the search warrant. Additional charges may be pending.
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12 Year Old Busted in Delta
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According to the Delta Police Blotter: A 12 year boy from Delta was ticketed by Delta Police for alleged Illegal Possession / Consumption of Marijuana Under the Age of 21. This occurred April 27th at 11:27 AM.
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Delta Man Charged With Vehicle Theft
Posted by <> on 3/30/2017 1:19:00 PM.
A Delta County man was jailed on Motor Vehicle theft and a drug charge on Wednesday. 33 year old Tyrell Cross was arrested by state patrol in Montrose and charged with drug possession, car theft and a warrant out of Montrose County.
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One Person Injured in Apartment Fire
Posted by <> on 3/28/2017 2:33:00 PM.
One person was injured in an apartment fire in north Delta last Thursday. Delta Police say the blaze occurred in the afternoon at 1549 Highway 50. The resident was treated at Delta County Memorial Hospital.
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Bus Accident UPDATE
Posted by <> on 3/27/2017 9:36:00 AM.
 From the Delta PD:
The Delta Police Department thanks the following agencies for their assistance, support and services during the initial incident and continuing investigation of this accident: Colorado State Patrol, Delta County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Department of Transportation, Delta Fire District, Delta County Ambulance District, Delta County Memorial Hospital, Bill Heddles Recreation Center, Delta County Joint School District 50J, Olathe Ambulance, Montrose Police Department, Care Flight and St. Mary’s Medical Center.
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Fugitive On The Loose
Posted by <> on 3/17/2017 3:12:00 PM.
The Delta Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of James H. Catlin, age 31, of North Quincy, Massachusetts, charging him with alleged Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular Assault, Unlawful Use of a Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol), Driving Under the Influence Per SE (Alcohol), Driving Under the Influence (Drugs), Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment. James Catlin is described as a white male age 31, 5’9” tall, 175 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. The warrant was issued on March 13, 2017 as a result of an extensive investigation in regards to a two vehicle head on collision which occurred on February 6, 2017 in the 1300 block of Highway 50 North. Drugs and alcohol were implicated in the cause of the crash.
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Drug Raid in Delta
Posted by <> on 3/7/2017 3:36:00 PM.
Police raided a Delta home at 205 East 5th street on March 3rd. During the investigation, a handgun, ammunition, suspected heroin, marijuana, and explosives were found. Police say 22 year Alexander Fultz was was placed on a parole hold and 21 year old Seth Brave was arrested on two warrants.
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Delta Man Charged With Meth Possession
Posted by <> on 3/7/2017 10:16:00 AM.
A Delta man was jailed for alleged meth possession on March 1st. According to the arrest affidavit. 47 year old Brian Burstein was walking on a path behind Tractor Supply at around 2:45 in the afternoon. Police were called to the scene as Burstein recently had a spat with a woman in the Ace Parking lot. Police discovered Burstein with an unloaded .22, a butterfly knife, two syringes and methanphetamine. 
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Health Care Presentation
Posted by <> on 2/28/2017 1:40:00 PM.
The League of Women Voters of Montrose and Delta county invites you to “Colorado’s changing health insurance landscape: history, current status, proposals for the future”. 
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