Dinosaur Named After Utah Town
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A dinosaur discovered in Utah is being named after the city that supported the effort to excavate it. Researchers from BYU published a paper this week announcing the discovery of a 32-foot-long dinosaur that they're calling Moabosaurus Utahensis. The researchers say the 125-million-year-old plant-eating dinosaur was named for the city of Moab in part because of the "gold mine" of dinosaur bones found in the area. They also praise the city's support for the decades of effort it took to uncover the dinosaur.
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Dinosaur Love Nest Discovered Near Montrose
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A professor at the University of Colorado Denver says he's discovered fossils that are being called "love nests." Dr. Martin Lockley says scratches he's found in Colorado rocks look like a ritual modern male birds take part in. This pattern of scraping mirrors what some birds do today when selecting a mate. Dr. Lockley says most paleontologists agree that carnivorous dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern day birds.

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Dinosaur Print Stolen
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A Moab man is facing one year probation and more than 15-thousand dollars in restitution for stealing a fossilized dinosaur footprint.  A federal judge handed down the sentence yesterday to 35-year-old Jared Ehlers, who lifted the 150-pound track in February from the Sand Flats Recreation Area.  
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