MMH's Hannah Selected for Board
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Montrose Memorial Hospital CEO Steve Hannah was chosen as Board Chair for the Western Healthcare Alliance. The Alliance provides business solutions for rural healthcare entities and serves 29 healthcare communities in the region.
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MMH Creates New Position
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MMH promoted Cassandra Herrera to a newly created position as community health worker, Herrera is a Pharmacy Tech at the hospital, and her new role is designed to help improve health issues for the approximately 25,000 women in the region. Ms. Herrera’s roles include educating the community, coordinating transportation solutions for patients in need, and offering assistance to help patients schedule appointments.
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Blood Donations To End at MMH
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For more than five decades Montrose Memorial has utilized volunteer blood donors to assist our patients with immediate blood transfusion needs and these donations have assisted in saving thousands of lives. Steve Hannah, MHA, CEO said, “We recognize the gift these donors give and thank them for their generous and lifesaving contributions. Without the willingness of over 850 blood donors, our community could not have supported our local blood bank for the past 50 years.”
Over time, physician care related to blood transfusions has changed and in many situations patients recover faster and have fewer complications when the amount of blood they receive is reduced. By following nationwide best practices, our facility has been able to significantly reduce the amount of overall transfusions and have improved patient outcomes. “This, along with the complications associated with Zika virus testing implementation, have forced us to make the difficult decision to discontinue blood donations at Montrose Memorial Hospital,” said Dr. Michael Benziger, MMH Laboratory Medical Director. “November 17, 2016 will be the last day we will collect blood donations at MMH.”
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Two MDs Honored at Fall Clinic
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At Montrose Memorial Hospital’s 45th annual Fall Clinics event on Friday September 23, two individuals were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the community.
The Fall Clinics Physician of the Year award went to Dr. David Dreitlein. A Board-Certified physician specializing in Emergency Medicine at Montrose Memorial Hospital, Dr. Dreitlein was recognized by the Fall Clinics committee based on a number of criteria, including innovative care, continuing education, ongoing contributions to quality medical care, and more.
Dr. Dreitlein provides leadership for many important positions inside and out of the hospital. Dr. Dreitlein was recognized for his work with the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council, CareFlight medical services, Maslow Academy, Emergency Services Medical Director, and is past chief of staff at MMH. His leadership is instrumental in ensuring the excellent quality of care in the region’s emergency medicine.
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Dr. Matthew Smolin, Cardiologist at Montrose Memorial Hospital, recently treated a patient at MMH with the newly approved SYNERGY Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent from Boston Scientific making her one of the first patients in Colorado to benefit from this highly anticipated new technology. The SYNERGY Stent was approved for use by the FDA on 10/2/15. Stents are tiny mesh tubes doctors use to prop open clogged arteries, allowing blood to flow freely to the heart.
“Bringing the most advanced medical technologies to our community directly supports our mission to provide outstanding patient care,” said Dr. Smolin. “Early adoption of the SYNERGY Stent, the first and only bioabsorbable polymer drug eluting stent in the U.S., reinforces our commitment to deliver advanced treatment to patients in Montrose and the surrounding communities.”
Manufactured by Boston Scientific, the SYNERGY Stent, with its bioabsorbable polymer, offers simultaneous drug and polymer absorption. Designed for faster healing, the SYNERGY Stent offers what you need when you need it; medicine, which inhibits coronary blockages from recurring, and freedom from permanent polymer exposure, which has been associated with complications such as vessel re-narrowing and blood clots.
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Early Blood Draws
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Montrose Memorial Hospital’s annual Health Fair is February 27 at the Montrose Pavilion. Early Blood Draws, held in conjunction with the Health Fair, are January 30th in Ridgway, at the 4-H Events Center, February 1st at the American Legion in Olathe and February 3-6 from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Montrose Pavilion. 
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Alpine - Nurse Midwives Merger
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Drs. James Gilham and Richard Hanley and their staff at Alpine Women’s Center merged with Montrose Memorial Hospital and the MMH Nurse Midwife Services to form a comprehensive Obstetrics and Gynecology practice serving Montrose and surrounding counties.
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Dallas Divide

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