Poll: Hillary Leads Trump in Colorado
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The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary with an eight-point lead over Donald Trump in Colorado in a four-way race.
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San Miguel County Transit Favored in Poll
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Mountain Village, Telluride and San Miguel County released results of a survey on Transit. 80 percent of voters say they support the San Miguel Regional Transportation Authority. 73 percent support a one-quarter of one percent increase in the San Miguel County sales tax rate, which is a sales tax increase of a quarter on a $100 buy; 72 percent support a one mill increase in County property taxes, which is an increase of $8 per $100,000 in assessed value for a home.
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Delta Outage Caused by Crash
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Over 1,100 DMEA customers in the Delta area lost power for about 90 minutes yesterday after a vehicle crashed into a power poll. Power was restored by 4:00pm. DMEA reminds members involved in car-pole accidents to remain inside their vehicles. Only exit the vehicle if your life is being threatened due to a car fire. If you must exit the vehicle, jump clear of your vehicle without touching it and the ground at the same time. With your feet together, hop away from your vehicle. If you witness a car collision with a power pole, do not approach the accident.
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Colorado Death Penalty Poll
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Coloradans appear closely divided over whether the death penalty should remain the state's maximum criminal punishment. A new survey by Public Policy Polling shows just over 47 percent of state residents want to keep the death penalty, while nearly 43 percent want to scrap it.
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Local Road Conditions

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Dallas Divide (LV)

Dallas Divide

US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron (LV)

US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron

Grand Mesa - Highway 65

CO-118 (LV)



Mesa County Line Highway 50

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