Help Need to Identify Human Remains
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The Mesa County Coroner’s Office wants your help identifying the skeletal remains found last December 20 near 27 ¼ Road and B ½ Road in Orchard Mesa. KREX is reporting there are no signs of foul play and the remains belong to an adult male, age 25 to 40 and believed to be of white and Hispanic ethnicity.
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Skeletal Remains Identified
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Per Montrose County Press Release:
On Saturday, October 29, 2016, hunters in the Sawmill Mesa area of the Uncompahgre Plateau west of Montrose reported the finding of skeletal material believed to be human remains. The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office and the Montrose County Coroner's Office of Medical Investigations with the help of the Montrose County Sheriff’s Posse recovered bones and fragments of clothing. A forensic autopsy was ordered by Montrose County Coroner Dr. Thomas M. Canfield, MD and performed by Dr. Michael Benziger, MD at the Montrose Memorial Hospital Forensic Laboratory. The bones were considered consistent, but not definitive, as those of Gerry “Hoop” Reed, a 56 year-old male of Nucla, Colo.
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Remains Found in Fremont County
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The Fremont County Sheriff's Office confirms that human remains were found in the western part of the county last week. A hiker came across the remains last Wednesday and a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office says they belong to a white male between 25 and 50-years-old.
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