Indigenous People Day
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San Miguel County will hosts an Indigenous Peoples Day. Accoring to organizers, The San Juan Mountains were opened up for settlement by the U.S. military 135 years ago which relocated various Ute bands from the San Juans to reservations in Colorado and Utah. San Miguel County, the Towns of Mountain Village and Telluride are sponsoring Indigenous Peoples Day Oct. 8th.
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One Person Killed in Motorcycle Accident
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One person is dead and another suffered multiple traumatic injuries following a single motorcycle accident on Hwy 145 near Telluride Sunday afternoon.

Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 145 near “Windy Point” (mile marker 66) at 3:05pm Sunday for a single motorcycle crash involving two individuals. Upon arrival, the driver, a male in his 60’s was found lying on the roadway, bleeding and partially conscious, but breathing. A female passenger was ejected over a guardrail and found about 30 yards down a steep embankment with bystanders, including a nurse, performing CPR.
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San Miguel County Transit Favored in Poll
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Mountain Village, Telluride and San Miguel County released results of a survey on Transit. 80 percent of voters say they support the San Miguel Regional Transportation Authority. 73 percent support a one-quarter of one percent increase in the San Miguel County sales tax rate, which is a sales tax increase of a quarter on a $100 buy; 72 percent support a one mill increase in County property taxes, which is an increase of $8 per $100,000 in assessed value for a home.
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San Miguel County Transit Poll
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Mountain Village, Telluride and San Miguel County leaders want your opinion on a transit system. You may get a phone call beginning today thru May 1st from 4 to 9 PM and on the weekend from Noon to 9. The questions are about forming and funding the San Miguel Regional Transportation Authority.
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Tri State Pole Gets Crushed Causing Power Outage
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A large boulder crushed a TriState power pole Saturday afternoon knocking out power Telluride and surrounding towns. The San Miguel County Sheriff's office says the rock struck to pole near the "Church Camp" at county road 63L and Sunshine Mesa road just before 3. The power was out for nearly 24 hours.
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Motorcyclist Killed in San Miguel County
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A motorcyclist from Nebraska was killed in a two vehicle accident on Hwy 62 in San Miguel County last Friday. 
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Local Road Conditions

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Dallas Divide (LV)

Dallas Divide

US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron (LV)

US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron

Grand Mesa - Highway 65

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Mesa County Line Highway 50

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