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10A-3P:     CHRIS O'NEIL
3P-7P:       THERESA


6A-10A:     MURPHY, SAM & JODI
10A-3P:     CHRIS O'NEIL
3P-6P:       ABSOLUTELY 80'S




Chris O’Neil…the Next Big Deal!-Middays 

I got my start in radio like so many get their start in every other cool field in America: NEPOTISM!

Kidding, though radio is the family business. I started as a board-op in Canton, Ohio when I was sixteen, working for my dad, who has been in radio all my life. So when I needed a job, it went like this: they needed a board op, and I said “I can do that”. That’s it. Simple, right? It’s amazing what good connections can do for ya! After a while, I graduated to weekends on air, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, I’ve spent the last twelve years (almost thirteen, now…) all over the place. I spent two years in Canton radio, then a year in New Milford, CT renting movies at the last remaining Blockbuster Video in the world! (Hyperbole) Then, I moved down to Pensacola, FL for three years. Spent a little time in Melbourne, FL after that, then moved up to Jamestown, NY (the home of Lucille Ball…and they’ll never let you forget it!). Now, after Scott begged and begged (lies!), I come to Montrose to bring Colorado my unique (strange) brand of humor and insight!



*set to the theme of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air:

In MO Town Colorado were I was raised

In the dance studio is where I spent most of my days
Spinning' n twirling' dancin' all cool
And on the weekends we all go down to the pool
When my mama told me “girl you need a new job”
I’m not gonna lie a felt a little robbed
I came down to the station and got a job app
Scott said 'You're Hired! Get ready for the ride of your life!’
Please Scott put me on the air and I’ll promise ill stay
So he gave me a chance doin the sports half time show
I put my headphones on and said, 'this is a chance I can’t blow’
Talkin’ sports with the guys and havin a good time
Is this what the life on an on air jock is like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.
To a place were they raise cattle and drink all night
It was Walden
A town of five hundred
My husband and I said ‘lets get out of there!’
We moved back to Mo Town so we could raise are son near family
Came back to the station, got my job back
Running the board
Talking sports with the guys once again felt so great
He turned the mike on and said ‘T, lets see what you’ve got’
I did my first show and he thought it was a hit
I broadcast on Sunny recorded from the jock pit

I begged and pleaded with him day after day

Half Time!, yo this is bad

But wait, I married my husband, packed up and moved

Well we moved to Wyoming and our son was born

I asked Scott once again to do a new show

I moved to Colorado when I was 4 years old. I was for the most part raised in Montrose were I attended Montrose high school. I spent most of my time at the dance studio learning tap, jazz, ballet, Celtic, clogging etc. I started here at 94 kix when I was 17 helping out with the sports broadcast and radio remotes. I learned the ropes from Scott and moved into recording a show on Sunny 103 from 3-7pm weekdays and 3-7 weekends on 94kix.

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Dallas Divide

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US-50 4.50 mi W of Cimarron

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