Pat Hooley

Every year we dedicate our AM580 KUBC/94KIX/Sunny 103 Sports Guide to someone who has dedicated themselves to the betterment of children in our listening area. We look for individuals who have made their career goal to educate and improve the lives of children.

It is with great pleasure that we dedicate the 2012-2013 Sports Guide to Pat Hooley.

Pat was born and raised inDenver,Colorado. He attended Regis High School and then moved to Fort Collins where he earned his undergraduate degree and Colorado teaching certificate in Liberal Arts/Social Studies at Colorado State University. During his senior year he met and fell in love with Bettye Brown of Montrose, Colorado. They were married in June, 1971 while Bettye was in her second year of Veterinary School. Pat worked as a driver for Allied Van Lines in Fort Collins until she graduated. They then moved to Connecticut where Pat worked as a lab and radiology technician in the same West Hartford veterinary clinic where Bettye was employed. in November, 1975 they returned to Montrose where Pat had been hired as a Social Studies teacher at the newly opened Centennial Junior High School. This began his 30 year career as teacher and coach in the RE-1J school district.

Pat taught 7th, 8th and 9th grade Social Studies for the next 30 years, especially enjoying American History, Colorado History and all geography classes. He was a co-founder of the first school within a school at Centennial which was called the UPS (Unlimited Potential School) program. It was aimed at preventing students from dropping out when they moved on to the high school. He also instituted the Advanced American History class for 9th grade students. Pat was the Centennial coordinator for the National Geographic Geography Bee and the annual American History Day competition while serving as the Social Studies Department chairperson for over 20 years. He was also recognized as an Outstanding Teacher by the Presidential Scholars Program in 1984.

From 1975-78, Pat coached 7th grade boy’s basketball, 8th grade girls volleyball and 9th grade coed track. In 1979 he took over the 9th grade girls basketball team at Centennial and held that position until 1992 while still coaching 8th grade girls volleyball and coed track. He gave up the 9th grade girls coaching position to spend more time with the second great love of his life, his daughter Mary Kathryn. Pat coached Centennial’s 8th grade girls volleyball and basketball and coed track as well as a few seasons of boys 8th grade “B” basketball until he transferred to Columbine Middle School in 2002. Pat continued to coach 8th grade girls volleyball and basketball and coed track until he retired.

In the mid 1990′s, Pat began traveling with Lloyd McMillan and Jim Kerschner to help broadcast Montrose High School football games. In time he was hired to share in broadcasting local and regional high school sports. Since retiring, Pat has continued his radio association with KUBC, KKXK and KSSN, a job and avocation which has taken him all over the Western Slope and into Eastern Colorado. He travels, fly fishes and bicycles as much as possible while also working as a fly fishing guide and substitute teacher at both Montrose middle schools andMontroseHigh School.

Pat has not only been a valued teammate of the KKXK, KUBC, KSNN sports staff, he has shown his passion for kids and a dedication for enriching the lives of those around him. He has been a loyal member of our broadcast crew and brings a flair of excitement to each broadcast.

For his continued devotion to education and high school sports, it is an honor to dedicate the 2012-2013 Sports Guide to Pat Hooley.

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