Area Broadcast Player Of The Game

Player/Team Opponent Sport Date/Station
Alex Smith/Hotchkiss Olathe Football 8-30-2013/KKXK
Tommy Brew/Olathe Hotchkiss Football 8-30-2013/KKXK
Taylor Walters/Paonia Grand Valley Football 9-6-2013/KKXK
Colten Pearce/Hotchkiss Del Norte Football 9-13-2013/KKXK
Morgan Rummel/Norwood Hoehne Football 9-14-2013/KKXK
Rio Green/Olathe Coal Ridge Football 9-20-2013/KKXK
Duncan Turnbull/Hotchkiss Cedaredge Football  9-27-2013/KKXK
Peter Williamson/Cedaredge Hotchkiss Football 9-27-2013/KKXK
Andre Vilapando/Olathe Basalt Football 10-04-2013/KKXK
John Broadhead/Norwood Mancos Football 10-11-2013/KKXK
Blayde Harrigan/Norwood Dove Creek Football 10-18-2013/KKXK
Joe Simianer/Paonia Cedaredge Football  10-25-2013/KKXK
Taeber Anderson/Cedaredge Paonia Football 10-25-2013/KKXK
Chase Park/Paonia Colorado Springs Christian Football 11/2/2013/KUBC
Jeff Williams/Norwood Kiowa Football 11/09/2013/KKXK
All Paonia Eagles/Paonia Buena Vista Football 11/16/2013/KKXK
All Paonia Eagles! Congrats on State! Centauri Football 11/23/2013/KKXK
Hailey Crozer/Ridgway Hotchkiss Girls Basketball 12/3/2013/KKXK
Natalie Anderson/Hotchkiss Ridgway Girls Basketball 12/3/2013/KKXK
Nathan Hegenmeyer/Ridgway Hotchkiss Boys Basketball 12/3/2013/KKXK
River Panish/Hotchkiss Ridgway Boys Basketball 12/3/2013/KKXK
Esthela Rodriguez/Gunnison Cedaredge Girls Basketball 12/10/2013/KKXK
Nellie Freeman/Cedaredge Gunnison Girls Basketball 12/10/2013/KKXK
TJ Curry/Gunnison Cedaredge Boys Basketball 12/10/2013/KKXK
Tyler Beach/Cedaredge Gunnison Boys Basketball 12/10/2013/KKXK
Theresa Tasoya/Olathe Cedaredge Girls Basketball 12/12/2013/KKXK
Alissa Isaman/Cedaredge Olathe Girls Basketball 12/12/2013/KKXK
Trenton Jole/Olathe Cedaredge Boys Basketball 12/12/2013/KKXK
Chance Hansen/Cedaredge Olathe Boys Basketball  12/12/2013/KKXK
Jordan Williams/Norwood Ouray Girls Basketball 1/10/2014/KKXK
Jackie Saunders/Ouray Norwood Girls Basketball 1/10/2014/KKXK
Morgan Rummal/Norwood Ouray Boys Basketball 1/10/2014/KKXK
Clay Zimmerman/Ouray Norwood Boys Basketball 1/10/2014/KKXK
Carson Pipher/Paonia Meeker Girls Basketball 1/11/2014/KKXK
Jason Sturgis/Paonia Meeker Boys Basketball 1/11/2014/KKXK
Amanda Kinterknech/Olathe Hotchkiss Girls Basketball 1/14/2014/KKXK
Natalie Anderson/Hotchkiss Olathe Girls Basketball 1/14/2014/KKXK
Jason Seaymour/Olathe Hotchkiss Boys Basketball 1/14/2014/KKXK
Andrew Kiedman/Hotchkiss Olathe Boys Basketball 1/14/2014/KKXK
Joel Simianer/Paonia Hotchkiss Wrestling 1/16/2014/KKXK
Tristen Todd/Hotchkiss Paonia Wrestling 1/16/2014/KKXK
Nellie Freeman/Cederadge Coal Ridge Girls Basketball 1/17/2014/KKXK
Cory Reynolds/Cedaredge Coal Ridge Boys Basketball 1/17/2014/KKXK
Taylor Plymale/Paonia West Grand Girls Basketball 1/24/2014/KKXK
Ben Linnell/Paonia West Grand Boys Basketball 1/24/2014/KKXK
Carson Brumley/Telluride Ridgway Girls Basketball 1/31/2014/KKXK
Rane Dickerson/Ridgway Telluride Girls Basketball 1/31/2014/KKXK
Sam Demas/Telluride Ridgway Boys Basketball 1/31/2014/KKXK
Nathan Hagameyes/Ridgway Telluride Boys Basketball 1/31/2014/KKXK
Lucia Vlukova/Norwood Dolores Girls Basketball 2/1/2014/KKXK
Sladen Hendrickson/Norwood Dolores Boys Basketball 2/1/2014/KKXK
Katie Richards/Hotchkiss Vail Girls Basketball 2/4/2014/KKXK
Chris Allen/Hotchkiss Vail Boys Basketball 2/4/2014/KKXK
Bree GuittierezCedaredge Basalt Girls Basketball 2/7/2014/KKXK
Garret Megers/Cedaredge Basalt Boys Basketball 2/7/2014/KKXK
Kendall Mchugh/Cedaredge Grand Valley Girls Basketball 2/11/2014/KKXK
Dyllan Smith/Cedaredge Grand Valley Boys Basketball 2/11/2014/KKXK
Emmanuel Barba, Chayden Harris/Olathe Regional Wrestling Wrestling 2/14/2014/KKXK
Jackie Saunders/Ouray North Park Girls Basketball 2/27/2014/KKXK
Ashley Sutherliin/Norwood Vail Christian Girls Basketball 2/27/2014/KKXK
Derek Hanshaw/Ouray Plateau Valley Boys Basketball 2/27/2014/KKXK
Kade Brantingham/Norwood Dove Creek  Boys Basketball 2/28/2014/KKXK
Jardan Williams, Tracee Campbell/Norwood Plateau Valley Girls Basketball 2/28/2014/KKXK
Clay Zimmerman/Ouray Vail Christian Boys Basketball 2/28/2014/KKXK
Lucia Vlkova/Norwood Dove Creek Girls Basketball 3/1/2014/KKXK
All Norwood Boys Vail Christian Boys Basketball 3/1/2014/KKXK
Grace Benasutti/Ridgway Sargent Girls Basketball 3/7/2014/KKXK
Taylor Gibson/Olathe Denver Science Girls Basketball 3/7/2014/KKXK
Braiden Clement/Paonia Ignacio Girls Basketball 3/7/2014/KKXK
Peyton Grett, Amanda Kinterknecht/Olathe Peak to Peak Girls Basketball 3/8/2014/KKXK
Carson Pipher/Paonia Ridgway Girls Basketball 3/8/2014/KKXK
Leta Mcnatt/Ridgway Paonia Girls Basketball 3/8/2014/KKXK
Lucia Vlkova/Norwood Centennial
Girls Basketball 3/8/2014/KKXK
Dakota Winner/Norwood Cotopaxi Boys Basketball 3/8/2014/KKXK
Lucia Vlkova/Norwood Kit Carson
Girls Basketball 3/13/2014/KKXK
Morgan Hartigan/Paonia Lutheran
Girls Basketball 3/13/2014/KUBC
Morgan Rummel/Norwood Cheyenne Wells
Boys Basketball 3/13/2014/KKXK
Carson Pipher, Braiden Clement, Taylor Polson/Paonia Akron Girls Basketball 3/14/2014/KKXK
Morgan Rummel/Norwood Vail Christian
Boys Basketball 3/14/2014/KKXK
Makayla Gordon/Norwood Eads Girls Basketball 3/14/204/KKXK
Dakota Winner, Matt Hannigan, Morgon Rummel, Jeff Williams/Norwood Holly Boys Basketball 3/15/2014/KKXK
Shania Snow, Tracee Campbell/Norwood Caliche Girls Basketball 3/15/2014/KKXK



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