Delta Panther Broadcast Player of the Game Sponsored By Bill Heddles Rec Center



Entire Team/Gunnison Football 8-30-2013 KSNN
Bode Giron, Saul Sanchez, Code Gafford, Ryan Whiteside, Johnny Ponce/Montrose Fooball 9-6-2013 KSNN
Jonny Pounce, Tyler Sandoval/Eagle Valley Football 9-13-2013 KSNN
Offensive and Defensive Lines/Moffat County Football 9-20-2013 KSNN
David Brown, Johnny Pounce/Cortez Football 10-4-2013 KSNN
Johnny Pounce, David Brown/Battle Mtn. Football 10-11-2013 KSNN
Ryan Whiteside, Jonny Pounce, Kole Roberts/Palisade Football 10-18-2013 KSNN
Cade Gafford, Ryan Whiteside, Tyler Sandoval/Rifle Football 10-25-2013 KSNN
All Delta Panthers/Holy Family Football 11-9-2013 KSNN
Delta Panthers Defense/Glenwood Springs Football 11-16-2013 KSNN
David Power/Montrose Wrestling 12-6-2013 KUBC
Hailey Millard/Glenwood Springs Girls Basketball 1-10-2014 KSNN
Kade Gafford/Glenwood Springs Boys Basketball 1-10-2014 KSNN
Lily Lockhart/Steamboat Springs Girls Basketball 1-11-2014 KSNN
Ryan Whiteside, Keaton Reirher/Steamboat Springs Boys Basketball 1-11-2014 KSNN
Hailey Millard/Rifle Girls Basketball 1-17-2014 KSNN
Kenny Wood/Rifle Boys Basketball 1-17-2014  KSNN
Shelby Kurtis/Summit Girls Basketball 1-18-2014 KSNN
Eian Bair, Serbio Andrade/Summit Boys Basketball 1-18-2014 KSNN
Shelby Kurtis, Katie Puderbaugh/Palisade Girls Basketball 1-21-2014 KSNN
Kade Gafford/Palisade Boys Basketball 1-21-2014 KSNN
Shelby Kurtis/Rifle Girls Basketball 1/24/2014 KSNN
Keaton Reirher/Rifle Boys Basketball 1/24/2014 KSNN
Entire Lady Panther Team/Battle Mtn. Girls Basketball 1/25/2014 KSNN
Eian Bair/Battle Mtn. Boys Basketball 1/25/2014 KSNN
Haily Millard/Glenwood Springs Girls Basketball 2/7/2014 KSNN
Ryan Whiteside/Glenwood Springs Boys Basketball 2/7/2014 KSNN
Katie Puderbaugh/Steamboat Girls Basketball 2/8/2014 KSNN
Keaton Reirher, Eian Bair/Steamboat Boys Basketball 2/8/2014 KSNN
Daniel Brown/Regional Wrestling Wrestling 2/14/2014 KUBC
Marcus Garcia/Regional Wrestling Wrestling 2/15/2014 KUBC
All Lady Panthers Seniors/Canyon City Girls Basketball 2/25/2014 KSNN
All Senior Panthers/Pueblo Central Boys Basketball 2/26/2014 KSNN
Tyler Sandoval, Keaton Reiher/Olathe Baseball 3/18/2014 KSNN
Kristin Gardner/Montrose Soccer 3/26/2014 KSNN
Isiah Kathriene, Tyler Sandaval, Keaton Reiher/Summit Baseball 4/5/2014 KSNN 
Isiah Kathriene/Palisade Baseball 4/8/2014 KSNN
Ethan Keller/Glenwood Springs Baseball 5/1/2014 KSNN
Tristen Brown, Keator Reirher/Pueblo West Baseball 5/10/2014 KSNN



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