Montrose Indians Broadcast Player of the Game Sponsored by Chucks Glass

 Matt Maestas/Vista Ridge Football 8-23-2013  KUBC
 Molly Collins and Lexi Kontour/Cenral Softball 8-28-2013  KUBC
 Ira Wooten/Palmer Ridge Football 8-30-2013 KUBC
 Brooke White, Randi Lyn, and Lindsey Rummings Volleyball 9-3-2013  KUBC
 Mike Rocha/Delta Football 9-6-2013  KUBC
Brayden Reese/Fruita Soccer 9-12-2013  KUBC
Pete Shearer/Pueblo West Football 9-13-2013  KUBC
Emily Sandburg/Fruita Volleyball 9-17-2013  KUBC
Conner Lawson/Hinkley Football 9-20-2013 KUBC
Greg Shawcrose/GJ Soccer 9-24-2013 KUBC
Angelo Youngren/Monarch Football 9-27-2013 KUBC
Mikayla Mckie/Central Volleyball 10-1-2013 KUBC
Brooke White/Fruita Volleyball 10-10-2013 KUBC
Donavan Adams/Fruita Football 10-11-2013 KUBC
Ira Wooten, Gravin Brown/GJ Football 10-17-2013 KUBC
Ryan Nadiak/Delta Soccer 10-23-2013 KUBC
Kellen Alexander/Delta Volleyball 10-23-2013 KUBC
Conner Lawson/Durango Football 10-25-2013 KUBC
Brayden Reese Soccer 10-29-2013 KUBC
Matt Maestas/Central Football 10-31-2013  KUBC
Cayden James/Montbello Football 11-09-2013 KUBC
Kameron Devencentis/Denver South Football  11-16-2013 KUBC
Ira Wooten/Pueblo South Football 11-23-2013 KUBC
Conner Huskey/Pine Creek Football  11-30-2013 KUBC
 Ethan Davis/Delta Wrestling 12-6-2013 KUBC
 Kaitlin Ammerman/Fruita Girls Basketball 12/17/2013 KUBC
Stephanie Rowan/GJ Girls Basketball 1/17/2014 KUBC
Kyle Freebug/GJ Boys Basketball 1/17/2014 KUBC
Emily Thorp/Fruita Girls Basketball 1/21/2014 KUBC
Justin Petersen/Fruita Boys Basketball 1/21/2014 KUBC
Ethan Davis Wrestling 1/21/2014 KUBC
Emily Thorp/Cortez Girls Basketball 1/24/2014 KUBC
Ross Barney/Cortez Boys Basketball 1/24/2014 KUBC
Elise Hill/Durango Girls Basketball 1/24/2014 KUBC
Josue Perez/Durango Boys Basketball 1/24/2014 KUBC
Jake Miller/Central Boys Basketball 1/30/2014 KUBC
Michelle Tofoya/Central Girls Basketball 1/30/2014 KUBC
Bryce Gatt/GJ Girls Basketball 2/7/2014 KUBC
Donavan Kattner/GJ Boys Basketball 2/7/2014 KUBC
Audray Alex/Central Girls Basketball 2/11/2014 KUBC
Cole Aucker/Central Boys Basketball 2/11/2014 KUBC
Terrell Banvelos/Regional Wrestling Wrestling 2/14/2014 KUBC
Jesus Casillos/Regional Wrestling Wrestling 2/15/2014 KUBC
Michelle Tofoya/Denver South Girls Basketball 2/25/2014 KUBC
Ross Barney/Lewis-Palmer Boys Basketball 2/26/2014 KUBC
Kaitlin Ammerman/Mullen Girls Basketball 2/28/2014 KUBC
Stephanie Rowan/Delta Soccer 3/26/2014 KSNN
Ira Wooten/Eagle Valley Lacrosse 3/29/2014 KSNN
Tyrus Lopez/Durango Baseball 3/29/2014 KUBC
Kameron DeVencentis/Central Baseball 4/1/2014 KSNN
Tyrus Lopez/Fruita Baseball 4/8/2014 KUBC
Entire team and coaching staff/Glenwood Soccer 4/12/2014 KUBC



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