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Confusing Pot Ordinance in Delta Co.

Feb 11th @ 9:39 am

This story comes from the Western Slope Watchdog By Ron Bain Watchdog Editor DELTA – The Delta County commissioners, as they had predicted they would do in a legal notice, on Feb. 4 enacted an ordinance prohibiting retail marijuana stores, large-scale cultivation, and manufacturing, processing or testing facilities. Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana when [...]

Gov. Hickenlooper Signs Amendment 64 Proclamation

Dec 11th @ 7:06 am

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed an Executive Order yesterday that makes an “official declaration of the vote” related to Amendment 64. That declaration formalizes the amendment as part of the state Constitution and makes legal the personal use, possession and limited home-growing of marijuana under Colorado law for adults 21 years of age and older. It [...]

Montrose Council Moratorium Passes First Meeting

Nov 21st @ 8:10 am

The Montrose City Council met last night, and as expected, gave unanimous support to a moratorium on retail dispensaries of recreational marijuana within the city limits.  There was no public comment and little discussion among the 4 council members.  City Manager Bill Bell said the council tried to follow the same process as they used several years [...]

State Sen. King Reintroduces Legislation About Driving Under the Influence of THC

Nov 19th @ 5:25 pm

Although Amendment 64 has been passed by Colorado voters many communities planning on fighting that measure.  Tomorrow Montrose City Council is expected to present a moratorium opposing the amendment.  And this afternoon Colorado State Senator Steve King is planning on re-introducing his legislation at curbing driving while under the influence of THC, the active ingredient [...]

With Amend 64 Now Legal Law Enforcement Must Decide Who’s Stoned and Who’s Not

Nov 15th @ 3:49 pm

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, officials are trying to figure out how to keep stoned drivers off the roads.   According to the new law it will not affect the state’s driving under the influence laws which leaves it up to law enforcement officials to worry about road safety.  To add further confusion, [...]

City Council Says NO to Pot In Montrose

Nov 12th @ 8:05 am

The Montrose City Council is drafting a moratorium banning the commercial distribution of pot within city limits. City Manager Bill Bell says the moratorium will likely be voted on at the Nov. 20 regular session of the City Council.   Amendment 64 allows people 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and [...]

Montrose City Council Says NO To Pot

Nov 9th @ 10:09 am

This story came from THE WATCH Newspaper as written by William Woody Two days after Colorado voters approved a controversial amendment legalizing marijuana for recreational use, the Montrose City Council said Thursday it is drafting a moratorium banning the commercial distribution of pot within city limits. The moratorium will likely be voted on at the [...]

Delta County Sheriff Thinks Amendment 64 Will Impact His Department

Nov 9th @ 9:37 am

While Amendment 64 and legalizing marijuana is a hot topic all over, Delta County Sheriff Fred McKee was happy about how his county voted Sheriff Fred McKee happy for Delta Cty voters on Amendment 64 McKee’s office has been receiving information about state-wide personnel and getting the Attorney General involved in how to proceed Delta County Sheriff [...]

Amendment 64 Not So Fast

Nov 8th @ 8:31 am

Voters in the state said YES on Amendment 64 and have decided to approve the measure.  Colorado Attorney General John Suthers  says although the state has approved  marijuana use, its still illegal under federal law.  In 2006 a similar law was rejected by voters.  This time around the bill added language that includes regulating the [...]

Amendment 64 Approved in Co. But Still Illegal Federally

Nov 7th @ 4:58 pm

Last night voters in the state made their statement on Amendment 64 and have decided to approve the measure much to the dismay of many public officials and law enforcement.  Colorado Attorney General John Suthers was quick to point out that although the state has approved it marijuana use is still illegal under federal law.  [...]

Amendment 64 Causing Many To Take Sides

Oct 25th @ 8:22 am

With the Nov. elections looming over us, the presidential issue is not the only hot topic.  Amendment 64, the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, has been causing many to take sides.  Most law enforcement and law makers oppose the amendment.  But some police authorities actually support it saying that it would free them up [...]

Some Law Enforcement Backing Amendment 64

Sep 21st @ 5:31 pm

There is a growing endorsement in support of Amendment 64 a measure to regulate marijuana like alcohol.  Many former police officers, prosecutors and judges have come out with their backing of the amendment.  By ending the illegal use of marijuana they say it will actually help law enforcement in Colorado as they can concentrate on [...]

Supporters of Amendment 64 Say It Would Increase State Revenues

Aug 17th @ 4:12 pm

Supporters of Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana have said that by doing so it could generate more than $60 million a year in tax revenue.  In it’s report the Colorado Center on Law & Policy said Amendment 64 could very well raise $32 million in state taxes and $14 million in local tax revenue.  The [...]

Mesa County Comm. Adopt Resolution Opposing Amend. 64

Aug 7th @ 11:51 am

A considerable concern among public officials is a ballot initiative that would basically legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado.  Yesterday Mesa County Commissioners joined those officials and declared their opposition to defeat Amendment 64, the proposed initiative that would legalize marijuana use.  In fact, they adopted a resolution unanimously opposing the amendment.  One [...]