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Emergency Notification System Test

Jan 16th @ 10:06 am

On Thursday morning, January 24th, the Montrose Police Department will be testing the Emergency Notification System.  The test will consist of automated phone calls and will reach approximately 500 residents in the city. The residents do not need to take any action as a result of the telephone call.  The annual test allows the Police Department and [...]

Not Many Taking Advantage of Emergency Notification System

Sep 17th @ 5:16 pm

The emergency notification system is designed to inform residents immediately of imminent danger through text messages on cell phones, pager, e-mail, or traditional landline telephone.  Unfortunately, not many have taken advantage of this service.  In Mesa County alone less than 3% of the population has signed up for the emergency notification system even though  the [...]

Cell Phone Users Need to Register for 911

Mar 3rd @ 5:42 pm

If you’re like many Americans your primary phone is your cell.  Many have relinquished their home phones and use a cell phone exclusively.  As a result, you may not get that reverse 911 call if there is a county or statewide emergency.  The Watch has learned from Matt Goetsch, 911 coordinator for Montrose County cell [...]