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Yager Found Guilty 2nd Degree Murder

Nov 21st @ 8:16 am

Nathan Yager was found Guilty of murdering his wife Melinda Tackett Yager yesterday in Delta.  Yager was claiming insanity in the January 2011 murder case that started 3 weeks ago.  Then last Friday the standards for that defense were not met, so the jury was told not to make any findings for insanity.  Yager’s attorneys [...]

Defense Witness Claims Yager Was Legally Insane

Nov 14th @ 8:17 am

The Nathan Yager murder trial continued yesterday with the first defense witness testifying.  A forensic psychiatrist says Yager suffered from a loss of awareness of his actions and in her expert opinion, he was legally insane at the time of Melinda Tackett Yager’s death.  Yager is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity to 2nd [...]

No Acquittal in Yager Murder Trial

Nov 12th @ 8:08 am

The defense team of Nathan Yager asked for an acquittal on Friday saying “The prosecution has failed to prove each and every element of this case”.  However District Judge Charles Greenacre agreed with the prosecution and denied the acquittal.  Nathan Yager is accused of murdering his wife Melinda Tackett Yager in Paonia in January 2011.  [...]

Yager Murder Trial Opens With Bombshell Defense

Nov 1st @ 9:53 am

Opening arguments were made yesterday in the Nathan Yager murder trial.  Yager’s defense attorney dropped a bombshell suggesting Melinda Tackett Yager pushed the buttons of a man with tenuous mental stability, going so far as to plan a situation in which she would be attacked, so that she could get everything she wanted from their [...]

Paonia Man Accused of Murder Wants to See Daughter

Apr 20th @ 6:09 am

DELTA – A Paonia man accused of killing his estranged wife in January waived his right to a preliminary hearing Monday, but is fighting to contact his 18-month-old daughter. According to the Daily Press, Nathan Yager’s attorney says Yager has never been a threat to his daughter, and the crime he’s accused of, second-degree murder [...]

NEWS: Friday February 4, 2011

Feb 4th @ 10:38 am

Ban proposed for synthetic pot. A week after the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs suspended 25 cadets accused of using synthetic marijuana, Colorado lawmakers are moving to join dozens of states considering banning chemicals used in fake pot. Senate Bill 134 would ban synthetic cannabinoids sometimes sold as Spice or K2. The federal Drug [...]