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Norwood School Board Set To Discuss Contracts, Budget, and New Policies

May 11th @ 5:30 pm

While the school year is slowly winding down this is also a tough time of the year the administration and school boards as they try to figure next year’s budget and teacher contracts.  This summer will be extra stressful for the Norwood School Board as they struggle with policy and practice changes resulting in the [...]

Norwood School Board Approves Budget For Upcoming School Year

Jul 5th @ 5:12 pm

NORWOOD  -  Last week Norwood School Board members finally approved its budget for the upcoming school year during their  regular board meeting.  The Norwood Post also reports that the board also approved of  new hires, new District Accountability Committee (DAAC) members, and other items that some of the board may not be around to see [...]

Norwood School Board To Meet For A Special Session

Apr 6th @ 4:06 pm

NORWOOD  -  On Tuesday, the Norwood School Board will meet for a special session to conduct a hearing and make decisions about possible school staff reductions in force known as RIFF.  According to the Norwood Post current middle school teacher Michelle Barkemeyer is one of those that may be effecting by RIFF.  She and other [...]

NEWS: Wed. Sept. 1, 2010

Sep 1st @ 5:49 pm

A teenage boy is dead following a shooting at a Clifton home. This was confirmed by  a Mesa County sheriff’s deputy who recently talked with NBC 11 News.   A neighbor explains that  two teens at a house on Susan Street in Clifton were taking apart bullets when one went off and hit one of the [...]

NEWS: Wednesday March 3, 2010

Mar 3rd @ 7:46 am

The Telluride Montrose Regional Air Organization (TMRAO) held a board retreat on Friday February 19, 2010 with a focus on building on the successes of the Air Organization and addressing some of the challenges the region faces going forward. “This was a very good first step”, said Larry Mallard Board President of TMRAO,” the retreat [...]