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Ursa Resources Buys Antero’s Piceance Basin Interests

Nov 9th @ 5:16 pm

Ursa Resources Group II LLC has been identified as the Houston based oil and gas company that bought Antero Resources’ Piceance Basin assets.  The vice president of Ursa Resources stated that they plan on being active in the Piceance Basin.  Antero had announced the sale to Ursa Resources on Monday.  The deal was closed for [...]

Antero Resources Selling Its Natural Gas Holdings in Rifle-Silt Area

Nov 6th @ 4:18 pm

In a news release earlier today Antero Resources which has interests in the Piceance Basin has announced that its selling its natural gas holdings in Rifle-Silt area  where it owns  61 thousand acres of leases.  The news release states that Antero is selling its assets  to a private company for $325 million in cash.  The [...]

Energy Companies Ability to Adapt Key to Piceance Basin Success

Jul 9th @ 3:41 pm

Energy companies in the Piceance Basin are trying to adapt in a fluctuating market where prices are rising for natural gas and dropping for liquid by products.   One thing operators have found is vast new resources can be tapped by hydraulic fracturing, a technique that was pioneered in Northwest Colorado.  What’s keeping the businesses in [...]