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Telluride, San Miguel County And Energy Fuels Reach Agreement

Oct 16th @ 3:51 pm

It appears progress is being made with Energy Fuels ability to set up their Pinon Ridge Uranium Mill.  It appears that the city of Telluride and San Miguel County have reached an agreement with Energy Fuels in building that mill in Paradox.  According to the Daily Planet part of the agreement includes provisions that town [...]

AT&T Erects New Cell Tower in Telluride

Sep 13th @ 5:22 pm

Those who have AT&T as carriers on their cell phones will be happy to hear that improved changes have been made in the Telluride area.  A new AT&T cell tower has recently been completed in downtown Telluride which should improve both service and availability as well as improved internet speeds.  The Daily Planet reports this [...]

NEWS: Mon. Dec. 20, 2010

Dec 20th @ 4:36 pm

Former Two Rivers Convention Center General Manager, Tim Seeberg, is recovering at a Denver hospital after a horrible ski accident left him with facial injuries and light brain trauma. NBC 11 News reports that he and another skier collided on a Loveland ski slope last week.   Seeberg had resigned from Two Rivers on Nov. 8th [...]

NEWS: Tue. Nov. 23, 2010

Nov 23rd @ 5:37 pm

Officials say a baby boy was brain damaged because he disrupted his dad while he was playing a video game. Parenting experts say this could have been prevented. NBC 11 News reports that 20 year-old Edwardo Christy is facing felony charges. Christy had explained to investigators he accidentally hurt his son. He got frustrated  when [...]

NEWS: Friday January 29, 2010

Jan 29th @ 7:50 am

Delta County reports that while the entire state has seen an increase in food stamps, they have seen an approximate 30% increase in assistance now compared with this time last year. The Delta County Independent says that statewide, food assistance case loads are about 40% higher over the same time.  Of all Colorado counties, Delta [...]

NEWS: Tuesday January 26, 2010

Jan 26th @ 8:15 am

The Olathe Board of Trustees approved Ordinance 2010-03 at last night’s regular meeting. The ordinance amends Title IV of the code of the Town of Olathe, concerning business regulation, by adding a new Chapter 4. The ordinance also amends Title IX of the code of the Town of Olathe (amending section 9-1-24-A), all concerning possession [...]

NEWS: Monday January 25, 2010

Jan 25th @ 7:56 am

Over the weekend, Colorado Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry announced his endorsement of former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton in the race to replace Democrat appointee Michael Bennet in the United State Senate. The announcement was made before a crowd of more than 150 supporters in Grand Junction, birthplace of both Norton and Penry. Norton has [...]