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No Acquittal in Yager Murder Trial

Nov 12th @ 8:08 am

The defense team of Nathan Yager asked for an acquittal on Friday saying “The prosecution has failed to prove each and every element of this case”.  However District Judge Charles Greenacre agreed with the prosecution and denied the acquittal.  Nathan Yager is accused of murdering his wife Melinda Tackett Yager in Paonia in January 2011.  [...]

Bullets Will Fly Testimony At Yager Murder Trial

Nov 8th @ 8:33 am

The murder trial of Nathan Yager continued yesterday.   Vicki Martinez testified she heard Yager say “bullets would fly” if he wasn’t allowed onto his former property before the murder of  Melinda Tackett Yager in Paonia on January 7, 2011.  Prior to the day Tackett Yager died, Nathan Yager visited Martinez at her work at T-K [...]

Jury See’s Bloody Photos in Yager Murder Trial

Nov 2nd @ 8:59 am

The Nathan Yager murder trial continued yesterday with several pictures that painted a “grotesque” death.  The defense was trying to keep the photos from the jury due the extremely bloody, graphic and repetitive nature of the death of Melinda Tackett Yager, saying it might prejudice the jury more than inform them.  Prosecution argued these photos [...]

Yager Murder Trial Opens With Bombshell Defense

Nov 1st @ 9:53 am

Opening arguments were made yesterday in the Nathan Yager murder trial.  Yager’s defense attorney dropped a bombshell suggesting Melinda Tackett Yager pushed the buttons of a man with tenuous mental stability, going so far as to plan a situation in which she would be attacked, so that she could get everything she wanted from their [...]

700 Jurors for Yager Murder Trial

Oct 31st @ 11:18 am

Jury selection began yesterday in the Nathan Yager murder case.  About 700 potential Delta county jurors were on hand to begin the process in the January 2011 slashing death of Melinda Tackett Yager.  Nathan Yager’s defense team is pleading guilty by reason of insanity.  Once jury selection is done, its up to the District Attorney [...]